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This interactive sculpture allows two individuals to communicate through their heartbeats using pulse sensors and LEDs. The piece consists of two pedestals on either side of a cube and tube-like structure in the center, with pulse sensors located within boxes on the top of the pedestals. When a user places their hands on the pulse sensors, the LEDs between the pedestals are activated and blend, mix, and interact with each other in a rhythmic manner, creating a meaningful and intimate experience for the users. The LEDs light up in a unique sequence based on the heartbeats of the users, providing a visual representation of the internal experiences of the users and creating a sense of connection between them.

The sculpture invites the viewer to consider the ways in which technology can facilitate nonverbal communication and facilitate a deeper understanding of the internal experiences of others. It challenges traditional forms of communication and encourages users to explore new forms of expression. The sculpture also raises questions about privacy and the extent to which we are willing to share our internal experiences with others. It encourages users to think about the relationship between technology, communication, and the human body. Overall, "Extension" is an innovative and thought-provoking sculpture that explores the intersection of technology and human emotions.

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