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Hello there, welcome to my website! My name is Michael Camilo Saari and I am an artist that primarily works in photography, video and sculpture. However, throughout my artistic career I have experimented and worked with several other mediums. The above slideshow is a selection of a few of my favorite pieces that I've made over the years. Feel free to check out my portfolio to see more artwork in more depth and detail.

OSU Senior Exhibition

Chasing the Endless is a sculptural piece I created during my senior semester at The Ohio State University. This piece was exhibited at the Ohio State BFA Senior Exhibition this past May. Click the link to see the piece in more detail!

Artwork Spotlight

Below is a sneak peek at one of my favorite projects I have created in the past few years. Stories of the Body is a look at how every individual has a story that can be told through their body. These stories can be told by scars, tattoos, birthmarks, etc. Click the link below to check out the project in more detail. Hope you enjoy!



the Body

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