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About  Michael

Meet Michael, a graduate student at Indiana University pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Digital Art. He is a highly versatile artist with a diverse range of skills and experiences. They have a strong background in art and technology, having received a dual degree (BFA & BA) in Art & Technology and Arts Management, as well as a minor in Art History at The Ohio State University.

Throughout their artistic career, Michael has worked with various mediums such as photography, video, digital manipulation, robotics, coding, sculpture, ceramics, glass, etc. However, their current focus is on interactive installations that explore the relationship between the human condition and the environment. They draw on emerging technologies and a wide range of techniques to create immersive experiences that encourage introspection and facilitate dialogue about the complexities of the human experience.

As a graduate student at Indiana University receiving his Master of Fine Arts in digital art, Michael is committed to pushing the boundaries of digital art and technology and exploring new ways to engage audiences with their work. He is excited to continue to grow and evolve as an artist and make a meaningful impact on the art world.

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