Chasing the Endless

For as long as I can remember I have constantly been overthinking, overanalyzing, questioning, and doubting every choice I have made.
Was this the right choice?
Is this good enough?
Maybe I should do something else?
Quitting may be the best option?
Should I have not done that?
Questions like these go on and on in my head. I do this with everything whether it be something small scale like what I should have for lunch to something more substantial like wondering if I picked the right university. My mind is in a never-ending cycle of question, worry, and anxiousness that never seems to subside. However, over the past year I have started to cope with this endless state of worry by turning to my art. I recently discovered that when I take an introspective look at what is going on in my mind and try to create a physical visualization of it, it puts me in a better position to try and understand exactly what is happening. With my piece Chasing the Endless, I am creating a visual representation of my every day struggle by having the center sitting figure being chased by all the questions, thoughts, worries and solutions that my mind has.