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Chasing the Endless

This large-scale installation represents my personal experience of anxiety through a visual representation. The piece features sculptures filled with blue and red LEDs that flash at varying rates, creating a dynamic display that reflects the subjective nature of anxiety that I have experienced. Through the use of color and flashing lights, the installation offers my unique interpretation of the sensory and emotional experience of anxiety, and invites viewers to consider the ways in which internal states of mind can be visualized and communicated through artistic expression. I created this installation as a personal and introspective exploration of my own relationship to anxiety and invites viewers to consider their own experiences and feelings of anxiety.

The blue and red color scheme is symbolic and represents the duality of the feelings associated with anxiety that I have experienced. The blue color is often associated with feelings of sadness, depression, and a sense of being overwhelmed, while the red color is associated with feelings of fear, anger, and agitation. The flashing lights, on the other hand, are meant to reflect the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of anxiety, with the lights flashing at different rates, representing the different levels of intensity of the experience that I have had.

The installation serves as a tool for creating awareness and conversation around mental health, this is why I chose to make it public. The installation aims to start a dialogue on the subject of anxiety and to break the stigma around mental health, by encouraging individuals to talk openly and honestly about their experiences with anxiety. The installation is a powerful reminder that anxiety is a common experience and that it is important to understand and support one another in our struggles with it.

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