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The Dog Relaxer

As a pit-bull owner, I have always had the underlying worry that the stereotypes of pit-bulls may be true, despite my own dog being the kindest and most loving companion one could ask for. Despite his sweet nature, my pit-bull, Logan, struggles with anxiety when we go for walks. This anxiety can manifest in various ways and it makes it difficult for me to calm him down with traditional methods such as verbal reassurance.

This led me to the idea of creating a device that could attempt to calm him down in a more efficient way. I discovered that dogs have pressure points throughout their neck, that if massaged, can actually relax them. With this in mind, I set out to create The Dog Relaxer, a wearable massaging device that is intended to pinpoint these pressure points to relax the dog.

The Dog Relaxer is a revolutionary device that addresses a common concern among pit-bull owners - the anxiety that can manifest in their dogs when out for walks. This device is designed to alleviate this anxiety by providing targeted massage to specific pressure points on the dog's neck, known to promote relaxation and calm. The wearable device is intended to be easy to use, with massaging devices located on the neck that can be activated by the owner in the moment when their dog starts to become agitated.


Overall, The Dog Relaxer is a unique and innovative solution that aims to improve the quality of life for pit-bulls and their owners. By utilizing the principles of pressure point therapy, it addresses a common problem in a holistic and effective manner, providing a much-needed tool for pit-bull owners to alleviate the anxiety of their beloved pets and promote a peaceful and relaxed environment for all.

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