The Dog Relaxer

Being  a pit-bull owner, I’ve always had the underlying worry that the stereotypes of pit-bulls are actually true, even though my pit-bull is the nicest dog you’ll ever meet. Although he is very sweet, my pit-bull Logan, has a lot of anxiety when I take him out for walks. This anxiety causes him to freak out and start growling every time he sees another dog. Every time this happens, his anxiety, as well as mine builds up which prevents me from successfully calming him down just by talking to him. I wanted to create a device that could attempt to calm him down in a more efficient way. This is where the idea of The Dog Relaxer stemmed from. Dogs have pressure points throughout their neck, that if massaged, can actually relax them. The Dog Relaxer is a wearable massaging device that is intended to pinpoint these pressure points to relax the dog. When a dog starts to freak out, the owner would then be able to turn the massaging devices that are located on the neck and attempt to calm the dog in a more efficient way.