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The Disconnect Within

This photographic project is a deeply personal exploration of my experiences with dissociation and detachment from reality. Through the medium of photography, I aim to visually express the complex and nuanced emotions that I often feel in my daily life. The project serves as a visual representation of my struggles with dissociation, a condition characterized by feeling disconnected from one's surroundings, emotions, thoughts, and/or physical sensations.

The images in the project depict me engaged in seemingly mundane activities, such as washing dishes or sitting in front of a computer screen. However, through the use of symbolism and visual cues, they convey a sense of estrangement and disconnection from my surroundings and from my own body. The project aims to capture the feeling of being displaced from reality, almost like a glitch in a video game or computer program.

I have always found self-portraiture to be a challenging concept, as it feels like a violation of my privacy and personal space. This project serves as a way for me to confront this discomfort and to experiment with the idea of self-representation. Additionally, it serves as an attempt to spark a conversation about dissociation, and to challenge the stigma around mental health by encouraging individuals to speak openly and honestly about their own experiences with dissociation and detachment from reality. Through this project, I hope to convey the complexity and nuance of dissociation and to foster empathy and understanding towards those who experience it.

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