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Transcendence through Transience

This photography series delves into the captivating realm of ephemeral light and its ability to create abstracted shapes that evoke a sense of familiarity. This project is an exploration of the interplay between light, movement, and chance, as captured through the lens of the camera. The photographs are taken using a variety of techniques, ranging from long exposures to capturing the instantanous flicker of light, showcasing the diversity and fluidity of light forms.

The series aims to challenge traditional notions of photography and representation by highlighting the transient nature of light and the resulting abstract compositions. The viewer is invited to engage with the photographs on a visceral level, as the organic shapes and forms invite the imagination to wander and contemplate the impermanence of our surroundings.

The photographs selected for this series are not just mere representations of light, but rather a study of the interplay between light, space, and time. This project is a celebration of the beauty of the ephemeral, and an exploration of the potential of light to create unique, dynamic, and captivating compositions.

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