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Symbiotic Symphonies

Symbiotic Symphonies is a project that investigates the psychological concept of the "negativity bias," or our inherent tendency to give more weight and attention to negative experiences and events. Through the use of interactive sculptures that resemble organic forms, I aim to encourage the viewer to reflect on their own relationship to their surroundings and how it shapes their experiences. 

As a child, I struggled with severe asthma and extreme anxiety, which significantly impacted my physical and mental well-being. These experiences left me with a constant sense of uncertainty and the feeling of something being just out of reach, as well as the weight of constant struggle on my chest. While these struggles were difficult to bear, they also became a source of inspiration for my art, as I used it as a means of understanding and coping with my own experiences. 

In my artistic practice, I employ sculpture as my primary medium to create larger-than-life figures that are inspired by human biological structures and elements of nature. Through the use of movement, sound, color, and light, I imbue these forms with the illusion of being living, breathing organisms. The interactive elements of my work often involve the breakdown or malfunction of these structures, or the alteration of the work in response to its surroundings. By creating opportunities for things to go awry, I aim to shock the viewer out of their unconscious state and into a moment of heightened awareness and introspection.

Through Symbiotic Symphonies, I hope to explore the intense and often difficult experiences that we all go through as human beings, and how these experiences can foster a sense of unity and understanding. By inviting the viewer to engage with and consider their own relationship to their surroundings through the interactive sculptures, I seek to promote empathy and connection, and encourage contemplation and dialogue about the human condition. 

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